It’s Springtime again!!

Thank goodness the cold weather has subsided and the trees are budding and the grass is starting to transform from its dormant blah state and gets its green hue back. I had the spare minute this past weekend to get a jump start on the front flower beds on Saturday. I truly enjoy doing yard work and planting bright colorful flowers for our neighbors to see. It gives me my “zen” moments away from all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. With two kids competing in 3 separate sports to which I am the coach of all three I so look forward to spending a day in the sun creating a live canvas to share with my family and the neighbors. Now let me clarify a bit I am not creating some lavish display that I think is going to get me on the cover of BHG that’s not what I’m shooting for. I am simply planting inexpensive mums and marigolds in pots that bring in the colorful butterflies that love to hoover and land on their flowers. Using red mulch against the brick house really brings out every color the flower produce. This is my sign on for the spring season and I promise I will add pictures of our lives in my next post. Thanks to anyone who happens to stumble on my attempt to type out my views of what I get the privileged to experience in my life. Have a great week!!!!


What has happened to summer?

I guess the older we become the old saying “time flies” is true. It seems because of the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we truly are losing time. As a kid summer seemed to last forever and we got to experience so many things. As an adult and living life “making a living” and the responsibilities associated with it makes summer sometimes seem just like any other time. I miss the carefree days of riding my bike and kicking it with my boys or hanging with the neighborhood girls at one of the apartment complex pools. Don’t get me wrong I love my life my family my job and the things that I do but sometimes I just sit and take a breath and daydream alittle. 

I’m trying to express some of this to my kids. DO NOT GROW UP SO FAST. Stay a kid as long as you can. Let me as your parent handle all the responsibilities of adult life. Get your education, be a good person, enjoy your friends, experience the wonders we have been blessed with because it only lasts so long. You will have a chance to grow up and have the opportunity to be “grown”.


So really what I’m trying to say is, the time you have during the summer make the most of it. Make it memorable, make it yours and enjoy yourself.

Little league antics

Are you kidding me!

Okay I’m a little league volunteer and I have coached my daughter in her sports of choice which are softball and basketball. I have seen just about everything there is to see from parents living out their short comings through their kids. It always makes me think about the impact it will have on those kids as they form their own paths in life even if its not in sports. I was taught from some great people what the true meaning of volunteering is all about at an early age. My dad was president of both football and baseball programs while I was a young athlete and then after me my younger brother. He stayed on to help with the youth after we both were “grown” and moved on to the next levels. I had the opportunity to coach football and baseball with the same men that coached me as a kid and pay back what was giving to me.

I have three children, one is an amazing singer songwriter and actor. The next is a young up and coming softball player and the third is on his young way soon to decide his likes. I coach the softballer and have since she was 6. So my point is I think I may have a valid opinion on these parents.

These are games played by kids and coached by the most part volunteers! If you don’t that little Johnny or little Suzy aren’t getting the time and attention they deserve step up and help. Do your part as parents and play with your kids at home and show up early to practices and warm your child up. Most little leagues rush the games and practices and don’t do a good job in time management with scheduling. I know its a tough job but that is your job because most little leagues are ran by city employees that are paid. The volunteers make up the majority of the coaching positions.

Parents please leave your overzealous, win at all costs, my player is an all-star attitudes at home and understand only a small portion of these kids will go on to the next levels and then a smaller portion will make it to the college level and then smaller into the pros. Watching the antics of parents in the stands humors me along with giving me a sense of anger. I feel bad for the kids. I do not what to be a softball player and have never tried to push my daughter to be me. She will forge her own path and I will do everything in my power to assist with her dreams. But I will not put on a show like “Mr Big League”. She is smart bright and athletic and has all the tools to be a great player with hard work and dedication as she has shown. I will soon be the parent watching her under the guidance of another coach as she within the next couple years goes on to the next level in school sports.

I will end this by saying that parents showing their “backsides” is an embarrassment to them and everyone around them. We should cheer our players and expect them to give 100% and be there to teach life lessons and help them grow. We had our shot and now it is theirs! Let them play and cheer them on!


Welcome to my little piece of the world. I do not claim to be anything but a simple guy. Married with children (no pun intended) lover of Jesus, lover of my family, lover of sports, lover of the outdoors. I do not claim to be politically educated but see things as they are and call them the way I see. So please bare with me as I explore this world at my pace and comment on what I see. Lets see how this ride will go and the places it will take us.